Future-conscious fashion, made with heart

Passionate about protecting the future of our planet, our mission at Issy London is to create beautiful, sustainable styles to be worn now and loved forever - which is why our considered collection is made from recycled, luxury faux fur! 

Although faux-fur is clearly the more ethical choice, both faux fur and real fur pose environmental issues. Faux fur is primarily produced using synthetic fibres, which are made from fossil fuels and produce emissions that contribute to global warming – and it’s not looking good!

Here at Issy London we use recycled polyester to create our luxuriously soft faux fur - this reduces the demand for new petroleum extraction and lowers our overall carbon footprint without compromising on style!  

The circle of life

The fashion industry has a detrimental effect on our beautiful planet and it's one of the highest polluters in the world!  The consumption and production of fast fashion is a huge contributor to the throwaway society we now live in by mass-producing cheap clothes that end up as waste.

At Issy London we produce limited numbers of each style - not only does this make each piece extra special, but it supports our mission to minimise consumption and fashion waste.


It is clear we must move towards a circular fashion economy in order to help protect our environment - Did you know that currently, only 1% of textile waste is recycled into new clothing?

 Which is why here, at Issy London, our recycled, friendly fibres (which started life as plastic bottles) are designed to stand the test of time and be worn year after year with love.


We can’t change the world over night, but with each conscious step - such as using recycled materials, minimising waste and altering our shopping habits - together we can help protect the future of our beautiful planet <3

Caring for your faux fur

Please hang your Issy London coat when you aren't wearing it. This is the best way to look after your Issy London faux fur coat. You should avoid the coat getting wet, however if it does get wet, please dry gently with a hair drier on a cool setting, too much heat can damage the fabric.